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One-time Contribution membership GreenBites


Becoming a member. How it works:

To become a member, sign up at and pay the one-time contribution. Click on the GreenBites logo button “entreegeld/lid worden” on the homepage. After the membership is confirmed by GreenBites, you can login and shop with the discount! Only when you are logged in, the discount is counted!!

With a one-time contribution of 35, you can become a member of the GreenBites cooperative and enjoy several benefits:

  1. You will get a 15% discount on products
  2. Orders which exceed Euro 50 will be delivered to your doorstep, free of charge
  3. You will be up-to-date with new recipes containing OliveOil from the webshop
  4. Yearly you will receive invitations for tastings, cooking workshops and other events which are related to delicious, biological food
  5. Together with the other members you will determine the offer in our webshop
  6. Together with the other members you will decide how the profit of the cooperation will be spent.

Click here for our Statutes

Liability of members is explicitly excluded in the statutes.
For questions about the membership, send an email to