Aceto Balsamico

Aceto Balsamico aged 7 years – Mediterranea


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Because the delicious and spicy OliveOils from Agrestis Argento or Ranieri, and Balsamico are a “true match made in heaven”, we recently added this tasty, no added suger Balsamico to our selection. A delicious, viscous yet mild Balsamico – with a perfect balance between sweet and sour!

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Mediterranea Aceto Balsamico

The Italian family business Mediterranea cultivates her Olive trees in Calabria near the village of Rizziconi. Antonello Anastasi is the third generation in the Mediterranea family. The love and passion for nature is passed on from generation to generation. This family business stands for high quality, sustainability and transparency in agriculture. Core values which match perfectly with the ideas of Green Bites. Mediterranea wishes to preserve the natural Mediterranean taste which is not just reflected in their name but especially in their products. The Aceto Balsamico by Mediterranea is a welcome addition to the GreenBites collection and is produced specially for us by our partner Antonello. This organic, 7-year aged Aceto Balsamico is characterized by a perfect balance between sweet thickness and fruity acids. A perfect partner for our spicier OliveOils such as the Agrestis Argento and the Ranieri.

PS: We have selected the organic extra-virgin “Mediterraneo” OliveOil because of its price-quality ratio and the exceptionally yet mild buttery taste, with a hint of vanilla. This makes the Oil a perfect substitute for butter when baking sweet dishes such as cake and pancakes.