Gran Verde Lemon

New Harvest Marina Colonna – Gran Verde Lemon OliveOil



Perfect for the bulk consumers! This extremely delicious, organic lime OliveOil in a 500ml bottle is produced in southern Italy, to the east of Naples. Resembling the orange OliveOil, this tasty oil is characterized by a fantastic price-quality ratio. The organic peels of Sicilian limes are pressed with the freshly picked olives, which results in an intense and pure taste. Try this fantastic lime OliveOil with grilled, white fish, fruits de mer, exotic salads, fennel, avocado and much more!

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Marina Colonna Gran Verde Lemon

Masseria Bosco Pontoni is situated in the Italian village Molise, 200km east of Naples, near San Martino in Pensilis. The Colonna family and Gran Verde Lemon has a rich history of more than 1000 years in Italia, however it was not until the end of the last century that Donna Marina Colonna, who inherited the rural estate, started cultivating olives. By now it has become her biggest passion; Donna Colonna cultivates various olives on the 55 ha land which is 120 m above sea level, with most of them having organic certifications.

We met Marina at the OliveOil Fair in Trieste and immediately fell in love with her extremely delicious, organic lime- and orange oils. The organic peels of Sicilian citrus fruit is pressed with freshly harvested olives, which results in an intense and pure taste! Try the fantastic Citrus OliveOil for example on grilled white fish, exotic salads, and more.