New Harvest Chateau Virant Aglandau OliveOil


This variety of olives, queen in country of Aix in Provence, guarantees very strong oil in fruity plant, burning with a slight bitterness. Its power in mouth makes it possible to describe it as
oil of character but especially of olive oil of ‘garde’ with a potential of surprising ageing. The olive oil Aglandau of an intense dress green, releases with the nose as in mouth of the
vegetable scents such as the fresh grass, the fresh artichoke, the green tomato, of hawthorn with a final note in fresh almond mouth.


Chateau Virant is a wine and olive property situated in the heart of the Provencal countryside. The name Virant originally comes from the Virant rock which looks down upon the 193 hectares of vinegards and 42 hectares of olive groves and gains the guaranteed vintage of Aix en Provence.