Bell'Omio Agrestis GreenBites
Bell'Omio Agrestis GreenBites

New Harvest – Agrestis Bell’Omio Organic OliveOil


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The Bell’Omio is a spicy, award-winning extra-virgin OliveOil with grassy aroma. The Tonda Iblea is carefully cultivated and harvested by hand in the mountains of Sicily, amidst thyme, oregano and rosemary. Perfect as a “finishing touch” on pasta, risotto, meat or as dip. Absolutely delicious in chocolate mousse and surprising but true; on top of vanilla icecream!

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Agrestis Bell’Omio

The olives that make up the Bell’Omio Organic OliveOil of Agrestis come from the charming mountain village Buccheri, Sicily. For centuries Sicily has been the perfect Mediterranean island to cultivate olive trees. In these mountains, Guiseppe, Lorenzo and their sons Pietro and Salvatore of Agrestis, cultivate olive trees according to traditional methods.

Since 2003 they have passionately been taking care of a deserted olive grove of 8 ha, consisting of 12.000 olive trees. The farmers wish to protect the history and culture of cultivating olives according to traditional methods. They process the Tonda Iblea olive (which owes her name to the Iblea mountains) according to the traditional methods and turn the olive into extremely special OliveOils.

Every autumn the olives are harvested by hand and cold-pressed within a couple of hours after harvesting in order to guarantee the very best OliveOil. Each year, these OliveOils from Agrestis win various international awards and are appreciated by a lot of loyal fans. Therefore, we are extremely proud to have added three of these special oils to our selection.